School Workshops For key stages 2, 3, 4 and 5

Sustainable Design Schools Programme

Drawing on our 'Waste Age: What can design do?' exhibition and accompanying handling collection, these creative hands-on workshops invite students to explore the design process and reflect on how to become better informed consumers and responsible future designers.

What to expect

The Sustainable Design Schools Programme brings to life the impact of waste and showcases a new approach across the production of food, fashion, electronics and other consumer goods, which focuses on the circular economy and reduction of waste.

Working with a small handling collection of objects from our Waste Age exhibition, students are encouraged to rethink how we design, buy and use things. During the session, they will evaluate what different objects are made of, why they are designed this way and how essential they are. Using their findings, they will be challenged to design alternatives that take into consideration a circular approach to design.

The workshops are taught by the museum’s experienced team of educators, and they can be delivered at the Design Museum with our in-house handling collection, or remotely with an educational handling kit delivered to your school.

The programme supports cross-curricular learning with a particular focus on Design and Technology, Science and Geography. It incorporates STEM subjects for Key Stage 3, as well as relevant KS4 and post-16 qualifications.


Learning outcomes

  • Observation and analysis

  • Product handling and evaluation

  • Discussion

  • Drawing

  • Responding to a design brief

Booking information


Capacity for each workshop: 30 students.



  • One hour remote workshop: £75

  • Includes a handling pack delivered to your school, with materials for further teaching.

  • Please note that we need at least two weeks’ notice to arrange a remote workshop.

  • To book an in-school workshop please contact:



  • One hour museum-based workshop: £150

  • To book the museum-based workshop session, follow the link below.

Supported by the Swarovski Foundation

The Swarovski Foundation’s mission is to support charitable initiatives and organisations working in three areas: fostering culture and creativity, promoting human empowerment and preserving the environment.

The Design Museum would like to thank the following companies for their donations to our handling collection: adidas, Sony, Notpla, Lush, TAKT, Smile Plastics, Clubzero, BAUX, Econyl, Nomique and Madreperla S.p.a.

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